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Each Alpha Team member, as well as Ogel, had a distinct colour theme to them, such as red for Cam and grey for Dash.

The first wave consisted of six sets, all consisting of vehicles, though the largest set 6776 Ogel Control Center also had a base for Ogel.

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sometimes dumb, ridiculous and/or offensive shit happens in the lego fandom (or fandoms plural i guess given how separate a beast the bionicle fandom is) we're here to point and laugh and occasionally write long-winded essays about the fandom or even more...

The theme was put in a brief hiatus in 2003, but then, returned in 2004 with the advent of its third and final subtheme, Mission Deep Freeze. The very first Alpha Team consisted of seven members: Dash Justice (the team leader), Cam Attaway, Flex, Radia, Charge, Crunch, and Tee Vee (a robot resembling a television set with legs).

The first wave also consisted of three antagonist minifigures: Ogel, the primary antagonist, and two Skeleton Drone minions.

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This Brief gives a short history of stained and leaded glass in America.Of all the decorative effects possible with glass, however, none is more impressive than “stained glass.” Since the days of ancient Rome, stained glass in windows and other building elements has shaped and colored light in infinite ways.Stained and leaded glass can be found throughout America in a dazzling variety of colors, patterns, and textures (Figure 1). It centers around a team of secret agents known as the "Alpha Team", and their efforts to stop the nefarious villain known as Ogel from taking over the world.The theme's first main run was from 2001-2002, when its first two subthemes, the first an unnamed subtheme set in an urban environment and the second called Mission Deep Sea, were released.