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Well this time around archaeologists have confirmed yet another transcontinental exchange of artifacts, with medieval Chinese porcelain being discovered in Mexico’s Pacific Coast port of Acapulco.

Alluding to the historical exporting credentials of China, the porcelain comprising an assortment of utensils, ranging from rice bowls, cups to platters, was found in fragments buried inside the confines of the Mexican city, near its main cathedral.

Yang's meeting with Mexican Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu included discussions of enhancing trade and investment ties, Mexico's Foreign Ministry said in a statement, as well as improving flight connections between the two countries."They agreed to deepen mutual trust and develop the bilateral dialogue about subjects of mutual interest via the Mexico-China Strategic Dialogue," the ministry said, without giving more details.

Yang said in the meeting that China's comprehensive partnership with Mexico was "flourishing" day by day, adding that China wishes to deepen cooperation on trade, investment, resources, infrastructure and financial services, according to a statement on the Chinese foreign ministry website.

Archaeologist Roberto Junco, who is a member of the ongoing project, said – Simply put, the ambit of trade, undaunted by the distance, existed between China and the New World for quite some time.

According to Fabricio Antonio Fonseca, a researcher at the prestigious Colegio de Mexico, initially this transcontinental scope was started when the Chinese craft veered into a Mexican port.

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