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The site’s first non-Indian visitor was most likely John Colter, a former member of Lewis and Clark’s Corps of Discovery expedition who had embarked on a career as a fur trapper and mountain man.

In the winter of 1807-08, he made a solo journey into the Yellowstone region and supposedly returned with stories of its canyons, waterfalls and gurgling hot springs.

“Waaaa, waaaaa, waaaaaa.” The wails were followed by several coughs and a grunt.

The female has a pregnancy of 202 days longer than the similarly-sized large rodent, the beaver, which has one of 128 days.

For most of the year the North American porcupine is a solitary animal, but as fall approaches, the female will emit a scented mucus with her urine that will attract the males. Once the female choses a mate, she will be in heat when she gets sprayed with urine from the male. This usually happens in a tree with the male several feet above the female.

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