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Then years later, the format was pitched to him, but he couldn’t do it. It seems that so many people are just doing what they can to get by, that it’s so rare to come across someone living with passion, who is actually living his purpose.

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Consider that H2O is water, and H2O2 is Hydrogen Peroxide.Sons born do not have priestly status, and daughter may not marry kohanim.The categories are explained in more detail on the site. Only the Kohen Gadol is forbidden to marry a widow because Hashem commanded so in the Torah. ADDITION For @Zvi, who in the comment below asks for a non-Chabad source, this on Marital defilement is from Wikipedia.The difference may seem negligible, but is actually the difference is between life and death.This is a very serious issue, and if a Kohen goes ahead and marries someone that he is not allowed to be married to, he is transgressing a Torah commandment every minute he remains married to her.