Get new dating site

This was something to converse about with people (an interesting dating website was so cool, dude!

) which was unthinkable for pre-Ok Cupid dating websites.

The Internet has solved everything from dinner reservations to apartment hunting.

Now you can kick back, relax and focus on just the right people. Like in front of that dude who still thinks the world is flat. Smartypants can message you, he’ll need to see eye-to-eye on the important issues that you’ve set as your Dealbreakers. Mesh embraces all genders and sexual orientations without discrimination.

We understand that people don’t come in boxes, and we won’t try to make you fit in one.

We appreciate you for who you are, and welcome you just the way you are.

It's amazing how many questions you can get people to answer if they're witty, funny, thought-provoking questions.

Also, there's a reward - a personal analysis of sorts.